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  • Copy of Animated GIFs

    Did you know you can include animated GIFs in your decks? We'll automatically start them from the beginning when their slide appears.

  • Copy of SVG Support

    It's now possible to upload and insert SVG images in your presentations. Learn more in this deck.

  • Copy of Tables

    We've made it possible to add tables to presentations. Tables are flexible and easy to configure through interface options. Learn more in this walkthrough.

  • Copy of Slide Numbers

    We've made it possible to show the number of the current slide on top of a presentation. This deck will show you how it's used.

  • Copy of Collaborate on Slides

    Since our launch, Slides has been an amazing place to create, share, and live present presentations. Today, we’re excited to publicly unveil the top-most requested feature on Slides: shared editing of presentations, what we’re calling Collaborate.

  • Copy of Pro Tip: Iframe Backgrounds

    Learn how you can embed content from other websites behind your slides.

  • Copy of Organize your decks!

    Decks on your profile page can now be tagged. This is a great way to add structure to your profile page, making it easier and faster to browse. All tags have unique links so you can easily share them with your audience too.

  • Copy of Fragments 2.0

    Fragments allow you to reveal a slide in multiple steps. We have redesigned the fragments interface to make them more powerful than ever and even easier to use.

  • Copy of Interactivity

    Now you can use interactivity to add a new level of depth to your slides. Learn how in this deck!

  • Confront 2018

    In this talk I share my experience turning reveal.js—an open source HTML presentation framework—into a fully featured presentation platform ( I take an in-depth look at the interface I designed and developed for Slides, and share practical tips for building better and more enjoyable user interfaces on the web.

  • TechCrunch Disrupt (updated)

  • Can this be forked?

  • TechCrunch Demo

    Learn about how you can embed content from third party services like Google Maps and Vimeo directly inside of your presentations.

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